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Indoor Air Quality And Accessories | Eric Gude | EGIA Financial Clearinghouse | Week 12

Garima October 24, 2020

Eric Gude

Regional sales manager for EGIA, Eric Gude has a firm grasp on numbers that is required in his field. Finance solutions provide a platform from which companies can build their targets and exceed them. Expert advice and professional service puts Eric at the head of the pack and your first choice when it comes to providing financing options for your customers.

Options, everything must have available options for customers. Nobody wants to settle for simply the base line products. EGIA finance solutions is on course to provide value added platinum bundles to customers of HVAC companies that use them as a preferred credit facilitator. Packages provide customers with products and services that they really need. The cost cannot however be approached as cash deal. While overall the packages provide promotional rates it is simply to far out of reach to pay cash. Finance solutions are the only way. When a customer is given a monthly installment that is low and affordable they tend to forget about the lump sum and focus more on the comfort they can achieve right now. Have the right financing houses on your side and you will convert the sales.