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7 Habits of Highly Effective HVAC Entrepreneurs – Part 1 | Jennifer Bagley | CI Web Group | Week 14

Garima October 24, 2020

Jennifer Bagley

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group is a woman who had a dream and fought tooth and nail to achieve it. The creation of the 12 Step Roadmap Accelerated Results Program has literally changed the face of the HVAC game, and the company gets tangible results for over 1000 clients on a monthly basis throughout the nation. The keen understanding of a very competitive industry and her solution-oriented services have shown why CI Web Group is so successful. Taking her customers to the top is exactly what she aims for.

CI Web Group motto is technology, strategy, network and mindset. They have been built into the brand. Constantly evaluate your business, how you use technology, how you think, how you believe and how you feel. The 12 Step Road to Success is our program to shortcut your way to success. You all know being and entreprenuer is hard so why not be a brand that shows up, suits up or disspates. Re-evaluate who you are? Stop doing what isn’t working, do more of what is and figure out what you should be doing that you aren’t. Move forward!